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James Joslin Music Management: A new service designed for composers

James Joslin and composer Dobrinka Tabakova at the Ivor Awards

James Joslin Music Management launches in July 2024, offering a variety of services uniquely tailored to support composers in their artistic careers.

James is a classical music professional with more than a decade's worth of experience in composer management, publishing, promotion, PR, copyright and recording projects. Having worked at publishers Edition Peters and Schott Music, he has managed world-leading composers including Rebecca Saunders, James Dillon, George E. Lewis, Sally Beamish, Clara Iannotta, Dobrinka Tabakova, Julian Anderson, and others, in the creation and commissioning of new works and the promotion of their catalogues. This experience further extends to the record industry, most notably with the award-winning British label NMC Recordings, in managing all aspects of developing, producing and releasing albums by contemporary composers.

James will be representing a select group of composers as well as offering packages of one-to-one consultancy sessions, seminars on copyright and promotion, and music rental services.

To celebrate the launch, there will be a limited number of complimentary one-to-one sessions available via Zoom throughout July. Whether seeking guidance on project development, navigating contractual matters, or strategising promotional efforts, these sessions promise invaluable insights and support. Book your session by through the contact page or by email.


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