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C. Exigua

for trombone quartet

C. Exigua was commissioned by Slide Action trombone quartet and was premiered during Aldebrugh Festival 2022. The Cymothoa Exigua, AKA the tongue-eating louse, is a parasitic isopod infamous for entering the gills of fish, clawing off their tongue and attaching itself in its place. The C. Exigua lives amiably within the fish’s mouth as a fully functioning organ.


3 July 2024 Slide Action, Spitalfields Festival, London

31 May 2024 Slide Action, Woolwich Works, London

21 October 2023 Slide Action, Lucerne School of Music, Lucerne 19 October 2023 Slide Action, Hans Erni Museum, Lucerne 

18 October 2023 Slide Action, Richi Irniger House Concert, Zurich 

29 September 2023 Slide Acton, Elgar Concert Hall, Birmingham

29 October 2022 Slide Action, British Trombone Festival, Birmingham

11 June 2022 Slide Action, Aldeburgh Festival, Snape Maltings

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