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Gauguin Sketches

for ensemble

The superimposition of contrasting materials in Gauguin Sketches (slow-moving rubato lines against very rhythmic, homophonic writing for the ensemble) is loosely inspired by the painting Te Faaturuma (Brooding Woman) by Paul Gauguin, which depicts a woman sat deep in contemplation in clear visual contrast with the immediacy and colour of her surroundings. 

The piece is dedicated to the Workers’ Union Ensemble and their conductor, Ben Oliver, for whom the piece was first written.


July & August 2012 New Fromm Players, Seiji Ozawa Hall

April & May 2012 Workers Union Ensemble, Sounds New Festival, Canterbury and Turner Sims

July 2011 Workers Union Ensemble, Guildhall New Music Festival

March 2011 Workers Union Ensemble, Leeds Contemporary Festival

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