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Gorilla and Orange Sun

for orchestra
1+picc.2.2.2 – 4.2.2+btbn.1 – timp – 3perc – hp – pf – str

Gorilla and Orange Sun was commissioned to mark the 25th Anniversary of Birmingham Symphony Hall. Given the retrospective spirit of this celebration, I decided to look back to my own early influences as a child for inspiration. The title refers to the work of author and illustrator Anthony Browne, who amongst other absurd things depicts gorillas strolling the streets in cardigans and raincoats, and the sun as a giant floating orange. I remember being both entertained and completely bewildered by his playful and unpredictable storytelling, the mysterious characters, paradoxical scenarios and gentle Magrittelike surealism. This piece, as much as it is a tribute to these memories, tries to capture something of the beguiling nature of Browne’s work.

Recording available on Anthem, released by Birmingham Record Company, performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra conducted by Clark Rundell.


24 September 2016 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Michael Seal (cond.), Symphony Hall, Birmingham

15 April 2016 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Jamie Phillips (cond.), Symphony Hall, Birmingham

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