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Pound of Cure

for string orchestra

Pound of Cure draws its inspiration from the private drawings of the visionary architect, Lina Bo Bardi. Diverse in style, materials, scale and subject matter, with many images often coexisting on the same page, Bo Bardi’s lively collection of sketches weave together complex yet playful narratives and interrelationships. Images range from precise technical drawings to romantic watercolours, sporting events, abstract patterns and gestural doodles, surreal social gatherings, cartoons, as well as concepts for food carts, costumes and baroque churches. She depicts joy and humanity with both childlike whimsy and exacting structural calculation. Pound of Cure seeks to capture the visceral, energising nature of Bo Bardi’s drawings, their clarity of forms, textures and colours, as well as their beguiling incongruencies.

Commissioned by Britten Sinfonia with support from the Vaughan Williams Foundation and the PRS Foundation supported by PPL.


20 October 2023 Britten Sinfonia, Milton Court, London

19 October 2023 Britten Sinfonia, The Halls, Norwich

14 October 2023 Britten Sinfonia, Saffron Hall, Essex

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