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Slink & Stride

for percussion and piano

Slink & Stride brings together a collection of short childlike tunes and motifs which are continuously jostling, reanimating and playfully shifting the sense of movement; often subtly entwining themselves or sometimes taking more striding leaps.

Slink & Stride was composed as part of the Psappha Ensemble’s ‘Composing for…’ programme in 2019, for Benjamin Powell and Tim Williams. The programme is supported by: Arts Council England; Garfield Weston Foundation; Idlewild Trust; PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner scheme; Radcliffe Trust; and RVW Trust.

Recording available on Antiarkie, released on NMC Recordings, performed by Psappha.


27 May 2021 Psappha (Ben Powell and Tim Williams), Hallé St Peter’s, Manchester

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